Inside Nothing is a four year series about the macro and micro worlds around us, combined with the natural human emotion.  The goal of this work is to enlighten the viewer to the infinite universe around us and to progress the mind through imagination.  Each photograph has been meticulously composed with synthetic and organic material such as leaves, insects, and trash.  Once composed and illuminated, the photographs are transformed into tiny, strange narrative worlds.

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0202- film,dragonfly

042The Piano, silver maple, orchid, cricket,feather,snakeskin

022Confusion, paper wasp,lettuce,paint,cellophane

017Mermaid, carnation,worm,fish,ink,wa,praying mantis

016remember, lily,roots,string,cricket,paint

015Death, lily,hair,ink,crayon,hairdye

014Reality, pvc glue, hair dye, cricket, acetate

003blue vase, soysauce, mesh,tarantula wasp,ink,alyssum

036Picnic, film,hair,orchid,grasshopper,lily,cloth,plastic,leaf,wax

Ben Timpson