This series, titled You Changed (Nature), Timpson recognizes both the physical properties of his materials and the symbolic associations of natural and synthetic materials. The artist transforms meaning through microscopic compositions sculpted on layers of glass. Timpson explains, “Decayed objects of nature can be as beautiful as they are challenging and I find this juxtaposition to be exhilarating through my process. My work results in intimate compositions that are sealed with varnish and embedded into resin. Once photographed and scanned these compositions are enlarged to reveal a two-dimensional, painterly composition. Feathers turn into hair; wheat becomes a woman’s thigh.” The finished work of the original handmade negative created with microscopic materials reveals a sense of depth and parallax for the viewer. The resin is mounted into wooden pillar sculptures that allow the viewer to look through an optical lens to view the composition. The sculptures are exhibited alongside matching large scale prints of the slides from nature. The compositions that one can view through the lens of the sculptures matches the prints, but on a much larger scale. This allows one to pass back and forth from microscopic, three dimension compositions within the sculptures to large-scale, two dimensional prints. Timpson is constantly pushing himself  to explore opposites as they pertain to the human condition and the materials of this planet. As an acute observer of nature, the artist uses natural materials and form emotional and figurative content through curated materials. This body of work is about the exponential expansion of humans through five individuals. Through the work, Timpson says he began to understand the impact humans have on this planet. The artist explains, “We are constantly expanding while nature and resources stay finite. My judgement of this concept is both positive and negative as I juggle the inner conflicts within my own mind.”

Ben Timpson